The Trio Hochelaga offers many programs adapted to various audiences.


A musical soirée in George Sand’s salon


In a 19th century salon George Sand has gathered together some friends. Musicians, painters, novelists, intellectuals, men and women are assembled around the piano. They talk about literature, politics, music, but also about love, liberty and passion. The Trio Hochelaga is among the guests. The evening unfolds with a musical programme resonant with this atmosphere and interspersed with quotations.


We can hear works by CHOPIN, with whom George Sand has an ambiguous relationship, by HUMMEL, for whom Chopin has great admiration, by LISZT, a mutual friend of Alfred Musset and George Sand, and by MENDELSSOHN, whom Chopin and Liszt see regularly.


A concert inspired by the famous painting Franz Liszt Fantasizing at the Piano (1840) by Josef Danhauser.


Johann Nepomuk HUMMEL
Trio for piano and strings no. 1 in E flat major, op. 12 (25 minutes)

Tristia – Vallée D’Obermann (15 minutes)

Frédéric CHOPIN
Trio for violin, cello and piano in G minor, op. 8 (6 minutes)  

Trio for piano and strings no 2 in C minor, op. 66 (28 minutes)


A soirée at Johannes Brahms’ home

In a salon in Vienna, three friends get together. They share accounts of their travels and describe their recent encounters, interlaced with their musical experiences. Brahms, Schumann and Kirchner are passionate men. Join these three virtuosos around the piano, where they waver between tradition and innovation, lyricism and profound emotions, against the background of a Europe which is undergoing profound changes. The Trio Hochelaga gives life to this unique gathering and recreates the atmosphere of this soirée at Brahms’ home.


Novellettes op.59 (22 minutes)

4 Phantasiestücke for violin, cello and piano, op. 88 (2o minutes)      

Johannes BRAHMS
Trio for piano and strings no. 1 in B major, op. 8 (35 minutes)                     


Trio Hochelaga with orchestra

Trois concertistes et un grand orchestre sur scène : la table est mise pour une soirée mémorable.

Over the years the Trio Hochelaga has played with different orchestras, among others whith the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Sherbrooke Symphony Orchestra and the Tokyo New City Orchestra.


Here are some suggestions of concerti for trio (violin, cello and piano) and orchestra recommended by the Trio Hochelaga :


Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
Triple Concerto, op. 56

Jacques HÉTU
Triple Concerto (Written for the Trio Hochelaga)

Triple Concerto

Bohuslav MARTINU
Concertino for violin, cello, piano and string orchestra

Triple Concertino for violin, cello, piano and orchestra, op. 47 bis




We invite producers to communicate with us for information about our programmes.

We can create or adapt a programme according to your series’ requests and specifities.